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Скачать Impermanence - Ride

Ride — Impermanence

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Исполнитель Ride

Альбом Weather Diaries

Прослушиваний 2156

Текст песни


Impermanence outlives you
Your life will always be

You\'ve always been and you will remain
I\'ll speed up time so you can see
Look at this window pane
There\'s no need to be afraid
The glass is slowly melting
And the wood just falls away
There will be another

Today you feel like you are nothing
So unsteady on your feet
But you have the strength inside you
Of the trees, the rocks, the beach
You\'re older and younger
Than every burning star
With a silent eye that sits behind
Each day you find so hard
Waiting for another

I never thought this day would come
I never knew our time would end
But if you\'ve got to go
I want you to know
That I need to say \"Thank You\" again
Before the end of the world

You ran away but still you\'re with me
I found you at my core
Our bodies fight our battles
We\'ve already won the war
She says, \"Why is everything ending?\"
Because it\'s always been
And this should make her feel better
But it don\'t feel like a win
At the end of the world

This should make me feel better
But it don\'t feel like a win
At the end of the world

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Ride — Impermanence

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